About Us

Former civil servant turns pet sitter as she embarks on a business of her own caring for animals in their homes.

Pet sitting in Stevenage is run and owned by Kerry Lavers from Weston who is fully insured to look after your cats, dogs and other small animals.

Kerry offers pet sitting services including: cat and dog sitting services, dog let outs as well as small animal care at clients’ homes.

Kerry, who currently has two cats herself, says she knows that while caring for her clients’ pets she will never have a “bad day at work”.

Kerry Lavers

She said: “I understand how pets are a member of your family. At one point I had six cats myself after a pair had babies and I was so in love with them I couldn’t bear to give them away. I was born into a house with dogs and everyone in my family has pets.”

Kerry, who is trained in animal first aid and is fully insured to care for pets at a client’s home, where they are most comfortable and relaxed. And having a discreet pet sitter is an added security bonus as properties appear to be inhabited while clients are away on holiday.

“I am honest and trustworthy, and I’m even prepared to water plants for customers who are away,” she added.