Small Pet Boarding

Pet Sitting Stevenage offers small animal boarding at her home in Stevenage and is fully insured. Please note that ‘ALL’ bedding, hay and fresh food is included in the cost however any special dietary requirements and or nuggets need to be supplied.

Guinea pig/ rabbit hutch

All hutches are cleaned and disinfected after each boarder and hutches will be cleaned out on a weekly basis during the stay of your rabbit/guinea pig. Outdoor runs are available for handlable animals and can be kept in them for as long as the client wishes each day.

I understand how hard it is to go to work and leave your pets or even go on holiday, it’s so difficult to find somebody that you trust who will look after your animal in their own environment with kindness and respect.”

Outdoor – Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs

  • £7.00 per night (no extra charge for bunnies or guineas sharing the hutch together)

 Indoors – Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Rats

  • £4.00 per night for first pet and then
  • £1.50 for any additional pets

“I’m not afraid of anything and think I could look after any pet as long as their owner showed me what to do.”

Guinea pig/ rabbit hutchRest assured your pets are going to be cared for by people who really love animals, we can look after them in their own surroundings or in our home; it’s much better than kennels. We know how disruptive a change of environment can be for pets, in their own environment they’re a lot happier.

Please call us for more information and our availability to board your pet.

We also run a Pet Taxi service (animals only please, not people).